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Weakday Ministries seeks to bring Christ to people where they are, especially when they are at their weakest. By providing worship, spiritual guidance, Christian-based programs and opportunities for both local and global mission support, followers are encouraged during weekdays to focus on Christ and take the Church out to the world. Through reflection on the Word, we are reminded, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” (Philippians 4:13).

That's why we are here. Weakday Ministries seeks to help people to

  • encounter Jesus Christ through worship opportunities

  • deepen their faith through discipleship classes

  • experience a true connection with others along the faith journey

  • join in opportunities for outreach to share the faith in the world
Four Areas of Focus:

Discipleship  -  Worship  -  Connection  -  Outreach

Discipleship -
Discipleship is all about learning the basics of the Christian Faith, and doing so in the community of other believers. We work together to help each other, encourage one another, and strengthen everyone  along the faith journey. "Disciple" literally means "student" or one who is engaged in studying. Disciples follow a teacher - in the Christian faith, that teacher is Jesus Christ. By learning together, we all become stronger in the faith. We begin where we are - whether you are a novice in the faith, or have been studying scripture for most of your life, there is always room to grow!

WEAKDAY Ministries offers many opportunities to grow in the faith through study and learning. Women's and Men's retreats, weekly bible studies for all ages, and fellowship opportunities are just a few of the ways we provide the space for believers from all walks of life to learn the faith together in new ways.

    • BEAUTIFIED - A women’s Bible study where ladies come together and discover that they are already beautiful in God’s eyes.  Through mutual support and a regular study of God’s word, our purpose is to encourage each woman to live into her God-given purpose.

    • MARKSMEN - Through scheduled events throughout the year, MARKSMEN is a men’s ministry that encourages one another to hit the mark of living a Godly life.

Worship -
Worship is yet another way that believers can strengthen each other along the faith journey. WEAKDAY Ministries offers a monthly Worship opportunity that serves to remind people about the Christian Faith between traditional Sunday Morning Church services. It is not meant to replace these services, but to assist in them.

    • JESUS LOVES JOE - A coffee shop ministry for people on the go to stay connected in the faith.

    • GOD A DANCE - A family-friendly, faith-based social event that encourages fellowship and connection.

Connection -
Connection is about helping people to get connected - to local congregations (if they do not have a church home) as well as to ministry opportunities in the community. The chance to serve in a Christlike manner is a great way to help someone and be the hands and feet of Christ in our community.

    • LUNCH AND PRAYER - Businesses are selected to receive lunch and a prayer once a month as a means of connecting Christ to people in the workplace.  Lunch is provided and a prayer of blessing is offered.

Outreach -
Outreach is, well, just what it sounds like - reaching out! Believers are the best witnesses when their faith inspires them to share the love of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit with everyone they meet. Helping people who are in need is one of the greatest examples of Outreach. His Hands Ministry is just one of the many new ways that WEAKDAY Ministries offers believers to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in real and personal ways.

    • HIS HANDS MINISTRY - is a program aimed at helping those less fortunate in our communities. To date, Weakday Ministries has helped to provide clothing for more than 60 children in Burnet County through donations, clothing drives, and with the help of local sponsorship. The primary focus is to assist low-income families with the ability to provide adequate, properly fitting clothing for their children.

    • OLD FASHIONED CAROLING - During the Christmas holiday season, we gather to carol and spread Christmas cheer throughout the community.

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